PlayStation 5 news: Big update for PS4 could be great news for PS5 release date

If you have been waiting to find out more about the PlayStation 5 and PS5 release date, rumours and reports have started piling in.

This includes predictions from analysts on what Sony PlayStation plan to do next, which could be based on how the PS4 fares in 2019.

There’s been talk that if the PlayStation 4 sale numbers start to drop, Sony may well look to the PS5 sooner.

While if the console continues to overperform as it did in 2018, it could see an extended lifecycle.

This is away from the reports that PlayStation 5 devkits are already being used by developers and that specs for the said console have started to leak online.

But while a lot of this remains based on rumours and reports, we do now know of the latest PS4 sales data.

According to Sony, PS4 sales saw a year-for-year drop during the October-December period.

The tech giant confirmed that it expected something like this to happen and wasn’t worried by the data.

This new PS4 news was “in-line with our expectations for this sixth year of the platform.”

This update was shared as part of Sony’s results for the fiscal third quarter, revealing that 8.1 million PlayStation 4 consoles were sold during the above mentioned period.

“Although we need to be conscious of potential volatility in profitability due to the console cycle going forward, we are working to mitigate that volatility by leveraging the more than 91.6 million unit cumulative install base of PS4 to benefit from the new business model created by network services and add-on content sales,” Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki explained during the report.

For Sony, the numbers shared revealed a company benefitting greatly from the 91 million PS4 consoles sold so far.

But it might also mean that Sony will start looking to the future when it comes to the PS4 successor.

Many analysts believe that 2020 will be the year that the new PlayStation 5 will hit shelves.

Some have based this assumption on PS4 sales dropping in pace during 2019, opening the way for a new launch.

And this latest news suggests that things are going to plan for Sony, meaning exciting PS5 release date news might not be far away.

A new GDC-published ‘State of the Industry’ report painted a different picture, having canvassed thousands of developers about their work.

The report covers questions on next-gen game development, with only 2% of developers apparently making games exclusively for unannounced platforms.

This comes alongside the news that 16% of studios are developing for both existing and next-gen platforms.

“Now that the current crop of consoles is ageing nicely, we thought it would be interesting to ask respondents whether they’re or not they’re developing their next game for any upcoming, unannounced platforms,” the report reads.

“Predictably, very few (under a hundred, or less than two per cent of) respondents said their next game is being designed exclusively for an unannounced platform.

“16 per cent said their next game is being developed for both existing and upcoming, unannounced platforms and the largest share (46 per cent) said their next game is only coming to existing platforms. Thirty-seven per cent said they didn’t know at this time.”

All this new data regarding the PS4 and next-gen development projects will make for interesting reading for those trying to predict what Sony might do next with the PS5.