Vikings season 6 spoilers: Star teases what's next – but it WON'T be what you expect

The latest series of period drama Vikings has delivered plenty of upset for the fandom as more and more death hits the people.

Fan-favourite character Lagertha (played by Katheryn Winnick) was forced to deal with the loss of her latest lover Bishop Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) in a brutal battle earlier this season.

Devastated and trying to cope with her grief, the queen left her village for a number of episodes, before returning as a very different woman.

Then Floki suffered a cruel blow when brothers Helgi (Jack McEvoy) and Asbjorn (Elijah Rowen) were killed in another devastating battle earlier this month.

But amongst all the death and pain, the Vikings continue to power through history and if Helgi actor Jack is correct, season six could see them explore entirely new worlds.

In an exclusive interview with, the Irish star speculated on what’s next for the hugely-popular drama.

“It’s already done the time-jump, they’ve done all that,” he mused. “I don’t know maybe they could explore different regions of the world.

“I’m not entirely sure what will take place but certainly excited to see it and find out where they do go from there.”

Speaking about his character’s untimely death, Jack was still incredibly grateful to have had a part on a series like Vikings.

“Well you know it’s a bittersweet… it was a fantastic experience to be on the show,” he shared. “The cast, the people, I was so blessed to have the opportunity to be on that platform.

“I’ll miss everyone and I’ll miss the show, but at the same time it’s now time to move on and hopefully to bigger things and better things.”

Jack also insisted the show provided him with invaluable experience in the industry, as it was his first major role.

The star continued: “I think one of the things, young actors go to acting school to train, the training is really invaluable but at the same time you don’t get that firsthand experience.

“You know, being in the war-zone so to speak, being on-set. You can train all you want as an actor and again it’s very good, you can learn all these techniques, but it’s only when you step on to a massive set like that, it’s a different game.

“So I suppose I’ve minded an understanding of being on such a big set, being on such a big production you know, and dealing with the pressure that comes with that.

“You don’t want to mess up you really want to show yourself, and everyone in the best light,” Jack added.

Fans have been sharing their theories over what else could come on the show before the final ever episode, and some are quite wild.

One fan predicted the series’ villain Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh Anderson) will head to Russia after the season five finale Ragnarok.

After spotting a snap on the actor’s Instagram page, a Reddit user guessed: “Alex/Ivar was seen on set wearing this, I believe, during 6a filming.

“It of course looked appropriate, as many of us knew he was supposed to be in Russia for at least part of the time, hence the different type dress. But, what is Hvitserk doing on that part of the set and moreover, what is he doing wearing the same type of dress Ivar is?

“We know Ivar is eventually the guest of a Prince in Russia, so you’d expect decent duds for him,” the fan added.

Vikings season six will air in 2020 on the History Channel and Amazon Prime Video.