Star Wars 9: Adam Driver drops exciting teaser on Kylo Ren finale – is THIS a clue?

Speaking in a new interview, the actor was – as expected – very vague and brief on what his scenes in the upcoming film might involve; but his wording implied that the clues on Kylo’s fate could be peppered in both 2015’s The Force Awakens and 2017’s The Last Jedi. That’s because he’s known since day one where Kylo will end up, and everything so far has been building towards it.

Speaking to Deadline, he was speaking about the process of working on a long-term, mutli-film project.

“It’s been my second time doing something where it’s lasted six years,” he said, with the first being the TV show Girls.

“I think with Star Wars, it’s six years this year that I’ve known about it or been working on it.

“With Girls, there wasn’t really an end in sight, so it was fun to develop it as I went, and to think about where it was all going.

“With Star Wars, I had one piece of information of where it was all going, and that’s where it has been in my head for a long time, and things were building towards that.”

So what could the conclusion of Kylo’s arc mean? The two most straightforward options are redemption or, presumably, death – but will it be that simple?

Kylo’s story thus far has been anything but straightforward; with everything from the murder of his own father, Han Solo; to relatively intimate connections with rival Rey.

We left him at the end of The Last Jedi having completely rejected Rey’s efforts to bring him back from the Dark Side, and more determined than ever to bring down the Resistance.

The title of Episode 9 is believed to be unveiled in the very near future; after The Last Jedi unveiled its name in late January back in 2017.

A teaser trailer is also believed to have been cut, but it’s unclear if it’s the final version and/or if it will be released any time soon.

Footage was previously heavily rumoured to be released over Christmas, but this never came to fruition.

Star Wars 9 is out on December 19, 2019.