Xbox Live DOWN: Server Status latest for Xbox One party offline problems

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live services are currently offline with major server issues.

The official Xbox One server status page doesn’t include any information on the problems yet but is expected to be updated soon.

But a new post from the Xbox Live support team on Twitter does confirm issues tonight affecting core Xbox Live services.

This includes problems using party chat, as well as playing multiplayer games in groups, and trying to access other friends services.

“If you’re running into issues with party chat, joining your friends online & signing in, or trying to view profiles, our teams are aware and on the case,” a message from Microsoft reads.

“We’ll be sure to provide updates here when we have more to share.”

It’s unclear what is causing tonight’s Xbox One issues or how long they might last.

No ETA has been shared by the support team, who have confirmed that engineers are now working on the problems.

It appears players can still log into Xbox Live but are having issues with many of the multiplayer features that are normally online.

One user writes: “I can’t see my friends list and everyone is offline and my internet is on full bars someone pls fix Xbox my friend wants me to join their party and I can’t (sic).”