Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor REVIEW. The Best Bluetooth HRM sensor of 2018. iOs & Android compatible

The very best, most accurate Bluetooth heart rate sensoroof 2018. Pair the Polar H10 with your iPhone or Android device to add heart rate monitoring to your preferred sports app (Zwift, Strava, MapMyRide, Endomondo, Polar Beat etc)

Amazon GLOBAL price checks – http://geni.us/polarh10
Full Review – https://www.cardiocritic.com/polar-h10-review/

This is the new Polar H10 Bluetooth Heart Rate sensor. New features over the Polar H7 are
1 – Internal Memory with space for 1 x session of 65 hours
2 – Compatible with GoPro Hero 4 and 5 – add heart rate to videos
3 – Improved (but already excellent) heart rate acquisition

The Polar H10 is a comfortable Bluetooth heart rate sensor worn around the chest. I have no problem using a chest strap. The Polar H10’s strap is very soft and comfortable. If you want the very best accuracy it really has to be a chest strap. The LED optical wrist based heart rate sensors found on the back of many sports watches (eg. Forerunner 35, Polar M430, Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Blaze etc) all very good and highly convenient. HOWEVER, they will not give the same 99.999% accuracy you get with the Polar H10. If you partake in HiiT or other high intensity interval style training then you will benefit from a chest strap sensor.

CardioCritic have performed many Heart Rate Accuracy tests. You will find more here – https://www.cardiocritic.com/chest-strap-v-off-wrist/

For a full and detailed review of the Polar H10 please visit the CardioCritic website – https://www.cardiocritic.com/polar-h10-review/

The Polar H10 will add Heart Rate Monitoring to the following devices –
iPhones (including 4s, 5, 5c, 6, SE, 7, 8 and iPhone X)
iPads (including iPad 1,2,3,4th Gen, iPad Mini 1,2,3,4 and all iPad Air models)
Android mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 capability and Android 4.3 or later (check full phone specification from your phone manufacturer)

CardioCritic has personally tested the Polar H10 with the following Android devices
Motorola G4 and G5
Samsung Galaxy 7,8 and J2
Huawei P9

There are dozens of Fitness Apss that work with the Polar H10. The most popular being
Strava – add heart rate to your runs and rides
Polar Beat (highly recommended general fitness app)
MyEliteTraining (turbo trainer app from Elite)
Zwift (turbo trainer app)


Amazon GLOBAL price checks – http://geni.us/polarh10
Full Review – https://www.cardiocritic.com/polar-h10-review/