Around one million party-goers packed the waterfront for the annual fireworks show but organisers accidentally projected the wrong year onto the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The words “Happy New Year 2018” were unfortunately emblazoned onto one of the giant support pillars just as Australia entered 2019. People stood down by the bridge snapped photos of the blunder and quickly shared them on social media.

One user took to Twitter to mock the mistake saying: “Happy New Year apparently it’s still 2018 here in Sydney.”

Another wrote: “Great error on Sydney Harbour Bridge fire show.

“Instead of Happy New Year 2019, they wrote Happy New Year 2018.”

The Sydney Morning Herald made fun of the gaffe by posting a series of people’s tweets.

It is not yet known who was responsible for typing in the wrong year into the projector.

Despite the error, 100,000 fireworks went off with a bang and most were too busy celebrating to notice what had gone wrong.

Sydney’s annual display went on for 12 minutes, the largest fireworks show the city had ever held which celebrated the diverse multicultural community.

According to the news website, the display consisted of 8.5 tonnes of fireworks, 100,000 individual pyrotechnic effects and cost a whopping £3.2million.

Crowds are gathering along the Embankment to watch London’s epic annual fireworks display as the UK prepares to welcome the new year in a few hours time.


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