Snapchat Lenses are one of the app’s biggest attractions, allowing users to augment their appearance in selfies. And hot on the heels of Snapchat’s cat face lenses comes the dog update. Dog selfies can feature fun Snapchat filters, with antlers, butterflies and pizza slices among the options.

The pet-friendly lenses have a small paw-print in the corner, which when pressed overlays comedy filters on your pet’s features.

The Snapchat cat equivalent proved popular upon its launch this autumn but left dog owners disappointed.

But the December update addressed the imbalance, adding a whole host of options for hounds’ faces.

These Snapchat lenses have been added to the carousel featuring the regular options.

Once you open the Snapchat filter up, users will be prompted Try With a Cat or Dog.

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Some Snapchat lenses offer classic accessories such as spectacles, while others incorporate new looks.

The pizza lens puts your dog’s face in the middle of dish and gives its owner a pair of pepperoni-spotted ears.

Snapchat introduced the feline filter version in October with the statement: “Lenses. For cool cats and their cool cats. Try them meow.”

Snapchat also updated its logo to a Ghost Cat to honour the occasion.

Although initially launched with only three lenses, Snapchat has since expanded to the options available.

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How to create custom Snapchat lenses:

Snapchat’s new feature allows to create your own augmented reality (AR) Face Lens.

A total of 150 custom face filter templates are available to personalised with words and emoji.

Begin by visiting on your computer.

Select the Snapchat Bitmoji in the top left corner, then click the Settings cog and select Filters and Lenses

Next choose from the 150 templates themed around an occasion.

Users can include their own words and even emoji to personalise the final product.

Enter the time and place of your event – this can cover from 1800 to 450,000 sq metres

Then confirm details and pay using a variety of payment methods.

Prices depend on factors including Lens location and duration, starting from £5.99 in the UK and $9.99 in the US.


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