Horoscope readings today come with a very distinct theme for people who rely on planetary alignment to forecast their emotional and physical needs. The latest forecast comes just three days before the year turns and is a step away from previous forecasts for making practical plans. Instead, advice is to focus on romance and passion, due to specific planetary movement.

Marina of MarStars.net has provided today’s readings, along with some helpful advice on how to take advantage of the astrological conditions.

Marina noted two particular exact aspects today, in Venus, Pluto and the Moon.

Pluto and Venus will be in Sextile today according to the astrologer, meaning the two planets are at a 30 degree aspect with one another.

The Moon will be in two specific signs today, both Virgo and Libra at different points of the day.

Marina says: “Today Venus will make a positive aspect with Pluto.”

“We have a Sextile which is a major positive harmonious aspect.

“This is a great time to be extremely passionate about something.

“Venus is also in Scorpio, the sign which is ruled by Pluto, so a very powerful, very passionate and a very emotional combination.

“Sometimes it could be related to our relationships so this is a great aspect which can help us to be emotionally engaged and more concerned and connected with our partners.”

Marina says the signs can also mean the day is good for concentrating on different areas of life due to increased focus.

She says: “This may also affect different life areas where we can be really focussed, especially on an emotional level.

“So whatever you do today, try to be emotionally engaged.

“You might be extremely passionate, and this is how you can achieve more and be happier.

“This is also a fantastic aspect for financial concerns, buying or investing in something, even in business for contract negotiations.”

“Today the Moon is in Virgo for the first half of the day, a very precise and grounded sign.

“We may pay attention to our work, responsibilities to be more focussed and more concentrated.

“During the second half of the day the Moon will enter Libra, so the focus will be more on our relationships.

“A great time for a date or going out with your spouse and meeting your closest friends.

“Do something which will help you connect with others and harmonise things.”

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source: express.co.uk


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