, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, was blasted after posing for a picture with a Christmas market operator, Marcel Campion, who previously labelled homosexuals as “perverts”. Members of the public, particularly gay activists and members of the LGBT+ community, lashed out at The French First Lady for associating the man. As Mr Macron tries to salvage France following the violent Yellow Vests protests, his wife’s controversial photo has sparked yet another public backlash against the Macrons.

On Sunday, the French First Lady went to the Christmas market Mr Campion organised, and following her visit, she asked to personally meet him.

Praising Mr Campion and his staff, she told him how much her children and grandchildren loved visiting the market, located in the Tuilerie Gardens next to Louvre in Paris.

He said: “She congratulated us. She said ‘Well done, it’s really a very beautiful market, very pretty. My children love it, my grandchildren love it’.”

Mr Campion was prosecuted for publicly insulting homosexuals in a video clip, claiming the Paris council was “governed by homos”.

In the video, which went viral in September, he said: “I usually say ‘queers’, but I was told that I should not say that any more. So I don’t say queers, I say homos. 

“I’ve got nothing against them, except that they are a bit perverts.”

In a statement, Mr Campion said Mrs Macron’s visit was not in support of his remarks, but instead the First Lady wanted to show her support for the Christmas market.

However, politicians were quick to lash out at Mrs Macron.

Deputy Mayor of Paris Ian Brossat said: “Beautiful, the wife of the President of the Republic who displays herself with a notorious homophobe.”

Speaking to the Times, he added: “I find it pathetic that the first lady should think it clever to flaunt herself arm in arm with Marcel Campion.

“She is giving him a certificate of respectability.”

Socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has banned Mr Campion for organising his Christmas market on the Champs Elysées, and has also refused to allow him to set up a big wheel in the Place de la Concorde in Paris every winter.


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