NBA news: Houston Rockets need to do THIS with James Harden after Chris Paul injury – pund

That is the view of Tas Melas of the Starters NBA podcast.

Paul suffered a bad injury against the Miami Heat on Thursday night.

He is set to miss out on at least two weeks, after suffering a hamstring injury.

Without Paul, the Rockets are yet to win this season.

However, Melas insisted that the Rockets will not struggle too much, and will be helped if they are able to bring in a new shooting guard.

“It’s a significant number without Chris Paul, they’re 0-5 without him this season,” Melas explained.

“I wouldn’t say they’re doomed.

“It’s not a knockout blow, it’s a body blow, and they’ve sustained a few this incident, with the Carmelo [Anthony] incident, the suspensions, maybe trying to be a little bit too cool for school.

“I think they’re over that, I think they’re ready to go forward without Chris Paul.

“But to go forward without they might have to make a deal.”

Harden is currently performing at MVP calibre rate, with an average of 31.8 points per game and 5.7 rebounds.

“James Harden is carrying so much of that team,” Melas continued.

“He is third in the league in minutes played, whilst also having to score points every single night.

“Maybe they’ve just got to go and get a new guard that can create things, just to try and get through the next seven, eight or nine games.

“Especially as this is the Western Conference, not the East.”

The Rockets are currently 16-15 after a disappointing start, but are still in the Play-Off contention.