Rachel Riley: ‘He did forget’ Countdown star reflects on awkward moment with beau Pasha

Countdown star Rachel Riley, 32, said Pasha Kovalev, 38, forgot to wrap a gift for her and opted for a towel instead of wrapping paper. Rachel recalled the moment on the Channel 4 show today after her co-host Nick Hewer, 74, spoke out about a service who charge £140 to help people wrap their presents properly. Alerting Rachel about the news, he asked her for her thoughts. She said: “I don’t want to get a battle of the sexes going but I think women tend to do a lot of the gift wrapping.

“Of all the people I know, the husbands kind of pass on the family presents and the girls do it.”

Seemingly shocked by her comment, Nick replied: “I wrapped your present up.”

Rachel replied: “You’ve never bought me a present Nick.”

“This year is the first year”, Nick chimed laughing.

Rachel then reflected on the awkward gift moment from Pasha, telling Nick: “I did get a present once from Pasha and he did forget to wrap it, which doesn’t bother me… so he just found whatever he could wrap it with and he just wrapped it in a towel.”

During a recent instalment, Rachel also revealed she gets away with having a rest at Christmas as her partner doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

She said: “Well I get away with it because Russians don’t do Christmas, they do New Year.”

“You get two,” Nick replied, referring to Russian-born Pasha’s tradition.

She replied: “So we can kind of guess.

“He gives me Christmas presents and you can see what kind of size and what kind of level they’ve gone to.

“And then you go in the sales and get whatever you like. It’s great!”

Rachel went on: “We’re both January birthdays as well so it’s kind of all at once. If we want something, we get it.”

Rachel met her beau Pasha back in 2013, when she danced with him on Strictly Come Dancing.

Back in 2016, she gushed over her beau, telling the Daily Mail: “Falling in love is the best thing in the world. I’m really happy.”

Last year she also told Express.co.uk the pair are in no rush to tie the knot.

She told Express.co.uk: “I don’t feel I have to get married. I don’t think I need that pressure any more.

“And I am perfectly happy. I don’t worry about getting married or whether he is taking a long time in the morning, or whether he has done the dishes.

“That does not really bother me in the long term. I feel settled.”

Countdown airs weekdays at 2.10pm on Channel 4.

Rachel Riley: Five facts you didn’t know about the Countdown star

Before she was famous:

Rachel Riley was born in Rockford, Essex. She studied mathematics at Oriel College, Oxford, gaining an upper second-class honours degree. The Countdown star’s education helped her get a job performing statistical analysis for a price comparison start-up company.

TV career:

Rachel Riley rose to fame on Channel 4 show Countdown, replacing veteran maths whizz Carol Vorderman at the age of just 22. She went on to co-present 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and The Gadget Show. In 2013, she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing with her now-partner Pasha Kovalev. She was eliminated in week six of the show. The TV star also recently starred as an agony aunt in Channel 4’s Celebrity Call Centre for Stand Up to Cancer.

Love life:

Rachel is in a relationship with Pasha Kovalev. The couple met during her stint on Strictly Come Dancing when they danced together on the BBC show. Before her relationship with the Strictly Come Dancing professional, she was married to Jamie Gilbert for 16 months. They met while they were both studying at the University of Oxford. James proposed to her in 2011 and they tied the knot a year later.

Social Media:

The Countdown star often shares her views about controversial topics on Twitter. In the past, she has given her say on topics from anti-semitism to football. She also regularly replies to her social media fans, good and bad comments.


Rachel has no children and said plans for a baby with Pasha are “not on my radar” in an interview with the Daily Mail earlier this year. She said: “All my friends are getting pregnant at the moment. That’s good for them, but it’s currently not on my radar. I don’t know about the future.”

source: express.co.uk