Egypt pyramid MYSTERY: Do ancient hieroglyphs show Egyptians with LIGHTBULBS?

People have long wondered how the ancient society managed to achieve their artistic and technical perfection in total darkness in the immense underground corridors through the pyramids. Ancient Egypt is one of the most impressive civilisations ever established by mankind, with vast experience and knowledge that can not be the sequence of a primitive society. Among deviated idolater Egyptians, there were wisemen who were said to have knowledge coming from the times of Prophet Noah and Prophet Abraham.

These Jewish wisemen used to employ the knowledge from the periods of previous prophets, with one said to be the ability to use electricity for illumination.

The discovery of various wall carvings or friezes discovered in the Hathor Temple of Dendera Temple Complex in Egypt has revealed one especially fascinating piece of information about the ancient Egyptians.

A large part of the friezes, examined below, are in the Dendera Temple Complex.

These show that the ancient Egyptians obtained lighting by using bulbs and the arc light technique.

However, the theory that electricity was known and used in antiquity seems to rest on a much more stable foundation.

The key to the whole theory lies a few hundred kilometers east of Egypt, in today’s Iraq.

There, strange pots were found. Some contained watertight copper cylinders, glued into the opening with asphalt.

In the middle of the cylinder was an iron rod, held in place also with asphalt.

The excavator who found the first of these pots in 1936 was convinced it was a galvanic element, a primitive battery.

Reconstructions did indeed show that it was possible to create electricity with it.

In YouTube channel “Strange Mysteries”, the narrator said: “Hieroglyphs depict the ancient Egyptians using electricity with a light bulb.

“How could electricity have existed over 4,000 years ago?”

The narrater adds that inside the temple of Dendara: “Lies some fascinating hieroglyphic pictures on the wall, pictures that uncannily point to the Egyptian’s using electricity.”