Macron OUT? The far-left and far-right UNITE in Yellow Vest movement to TOPPLE Macron

Adi, who is part of the ‘gilets jaunes’ or Yellow Vests movement on the far-left, said the protests in France have united people on both ends of the political spectrum. The protester said: “It’s not an idea that sits well with me. But it’s the reality.” The Yellow Vest protests, which are crippling France, risk toppling the President and threaten his attempts at reform.

The protests, which saw Paris burn, have left him open to challenges by far-right and far-left rivals.

Adi added: “I’m not at ease with it, but it’s happening.”

“The movement En Marche! is neither on the left or right.

“It’s between the two. It’s for the bosses.

“I think there is a battle between political parties, which is playing out through the Yellow Vest movement.

“They don’t understand the movement has gone beyond that.”

The Yellow Vests took to the streets for a third consecutive weekend last week and are expected to wreak havoc again this weekend.

The protests began in mid-November over Mr Macron’s decision to raise the tax on fuel as a way to finance renewable-energy proposals.

Despite the Yellow Vest movement being led by no political party, both far-right Ms Le Pen and far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon have united and called for the National Assembly to be scrapped and fresh elections called.

There lies no easy solution for President Macron.

Earlier this week, his administration said they would scrap the fuel-tax increase at least through 2019.

But just hours before, self-proclaimed Yellow Vest leaders issued demands for increased pensions and minimum wages.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe made the announcement in a live televised address three days after he witnessed Pairs erupt into chaos.

Mr Philippe said: “No tax is worth putting the nation’s unity in danger.”