France riots: Moment police are AMBUSHED at Arc de Triomphe during ‘yellow vest’ protests

Riot police stormed the Arc de Triomphe in an attempt to prevent the riots from damaging the famous monument but were struck in a surprise attack. Bodycam video footage captured the attack and showed riot police sprinting to the tourist attraction to engage with protesters at the base. Upon doing so the police were attacked by protestors in yellow hi-vis jacket who bombarded them with rocks and bottles.

After the first wave of bottles, the riot police retreat with their shields raised to protect from the onslaught of projectiles.

The impromptu rebellion began as an uprising against fuel prices but has morphed into a broader outpouring of public anger over living costs.

is now battling for his premiership as his popularity takes a massive plunge over his reforms, which are seen by many as favouring the wealthy.

The French president had been attending the G20 summit during the riots and must now return to the capital to deal with the issue.

Many protestors have called for the Presidents resignation out of a belief that Mr Macron is not concerned with the well being of the poorest people but only of the rich and big business.

Mr Macron has commented on the violence while at the G20 summit and said: “Those guilty of this violence don’t want change or things to get better.

“They just want chaos.

“They are traitors to the causes they pretend to serve.”

Following the riots, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said fuel tax rises have been suspended for six months.