eBay: ‘Rare’ 10p coin with HUGE minting error selling for £499 – do you have one?

Whether they’re worth the price tag they’re listed for or not, eBay is home to a number of UK coins which have been dubbed as “rare”.

When purchasing these types of coins, it’s often recommended to do your research – in order to avoid paying over the odds.

But, from 50ps to £2 pieces, there’s plenty of choice on the website for anyone looking to collect coins.

Recently, a 10 pence piece was spotted on the site for sale for a huge amount – with the item being branded “rare” and featuring a minting error.

The listing, posted by “thanksalot13”, was titled: “ROYAL MINT ERROR Rare 10p Coin [email protected]@k Date Missing.”

Photos of the 10p itself were also included, which do indeed show the date not being present on the side of the coin depicting Queen Elizabeth II’s head.

While the date isn’t visible, upon a closer look at the reverse, it seems that the coin was released after 2008.

That’s because it features a different design to earlier coins – with the latter starring one crowned lion.

However, this 10p depicts two of the three lions of England – which appear in the Shield of Arms.

Since 2008, millions of these 10 pence pieces have been released with this new reverse.

Making a stab at this particular coin’s mintage, the seller has suggested it may have been 2013 or 2015.

“The date cannot be seen as this is missing from the production of this coin,” they wrote.

“I can only guess that it’s suppose to read 2013/2015.”(sic)

While they may be about to part ways with the coin, it seems the eBay user is hoping to scoop a huge amount from the exchange.

The item is currently up for auction, with a guide price of £499.

On top of that, the buyer will need to pay a postage fee of £1.77 for standard delivery.

Another coin which was noted as being “rare” recently is a 2017 Tom Kitten 50p.

The item was listed on eBay for a huge £1,500 – however that’s not to say it is worth quite that much.

According to Change Checker, the coin holds a scarcity index of nine – which means it’s ranked as common.

So how many of these coins were released into circulation? In fact, 9.3 million of them were issued at the time.