‘Sometimes you need to FIGHT BACK’ – Melania Trump’s surpisingly AGGRESSIVE Twitter advice

While speaking a crowd at Liberty University, the First Lady discussed cyberbullying in an effort to promote her Be Best campaign. At the University, she mentioned she teaches her 12-year-old son Barron about the adverse effects of participating in cyberbullying. The First Lady said that she told him it is important to treat people with “respect and kindness” while on social media.

Opponents of the President have nicknamed him the “cyberbully-in-chief” because of the aggressive nature of his tweets.

On Wednesday, she explained she had expected to receive some criticism for her “Be Best” campaign.

Be Best is an initiative created by Mrs Trump that is meant to try to prevent opioid addition and cyberbullying.

Some have called this project ironic, pointing to her husband’s social media use.

She said: “I know when I started with Be Best and with social media initiative that I will be criticised but I will do what is right for the next generation.”

Mrs Trump’s recent message of “fight back” is being seen as an idea that is at odds with Be Best’s internet safety guide that was published in May.

In the section “What to do about a cyberbully”, it tells parents that it is better to encourage their child to “keep a cool head” if they are veer targeted.

The guide says: “Remind your child that most people realise bullying is wrong.

“Tell your child not to respond in kind.”