Farts and Bad Breath: Dave and Odette Annable Roasting Each Other’s Sleep Habits Will Make Your Day

In No Sleep ‘Til Christmas, real-life married couple Dave Annable (Brothers and Sisters) and Odette Annable (Supergirl) play insomniacs who discover they can actually sleep…when next to each other. Odd, but not the end of the world…except Odette’s character, Lizzie, is engaged and planning her wedding to another man.

As you probably suspect, sparks eventually fly in this Christmas romcom when these two insomniacs cross paths and begin sleeping…next to each other. In real life, these two have gotten the whole sleeping together thing down pat, sleep farts and all.

“Eight years. We’ve been married for eight years, so we know all about each other,” Odette says in the exclusive video above.

All about each other? Yep. They were put to the test about their real-life sleeping habits and Odette used promoting their new movie as an opportunity to put Dave on blast for a variety of things, but specifically his sleep farts and morning breath.

“He’s a night farter,” Odette says.

“I was going to say, I snore out of my butt sometimes,” Dave admits.

“It’s really bad, please don’t print that,” Odette says, laughing. “Or do, and embarrass him, please…We’ve got to get it controlled. It’s so bad.

In addition to knowing each other’s sleep habits, this married pair already knows the ins and outs of kissing—including the morning breath and halitosis struggles. “It doesn’t really matter. We don’t have to pop in that breath mint right before,” Odette says.

In the movie, Dave is Billy, a low-key bartender, and Odette is Lizzie, a high-end event planner, and their lives collide in a serendipitous incident where they discover they can sleep next to each other. It seems like an odd coincidence and disruption to their lives, but it could be more meaningful than they want to admit.

Click play on the video above to hear more of Dave and Odette roasting each other’s sleep habits.

No Sleep ‘Til Christmas airs December 10 at 9 p.m. on Freeform was part of the network’s annual 25 Days of Christmas programming. See the full schedule here.