BREAKING: Huge EXPLOSION at chemical factory in China KILLS 22 and injures dozens more

The incident took place in China’s northern Hebei province.

Those injured have been taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Video published by Global Times, an English language newspaper linked to the Chinese state, shows the aftermath of the blast. 

The fire has now been contained, and a search operation is underway. 

According to preliminary investigations up to 50 vehicles were affected by the explosion. 

The video, which appears to be taken from a nearby road, shows much of the surrounding area ablaze. 

A separate photo shows a fire engine at the scene of the incident along with a burnt out car. 

On Friday an explosion at a factory in China’s northeast on Friday killed two and left 57 injured. 

It took place at an industrial machinery producer in Jilin Province. 

The blast destroyed 15 houses and damaged another 355. 

More to follow…