Teenager leads police on ATV highway chase, records pursuit

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Nov. 9, 2018 / 11:08 PM GMT

By Didi Martinez

A 15-year-old boy on Thursday led police in the suburbs of Houston on a highway chase — on an All-Terrain-Vehicle — and recorded the whole thing.

Police in Humble, Texas, said an officer first spotted that teen, whose name wasn’t released because of his age, just before 9:40 a.m. driving the four-wheeler down a road in the area and asked him to stop.

The boy refused and what resulted was a nearly hour-long police chase that could have ended badly, said Humble Police Department Sgt. Jack Burt.

Nov. 9, 201801:13

“It was very dangerous,” Burt told NBC News on Friday. “Anytime you run from the police, [he] put his life in danger and he is also putting people’s life in danger — including the police officers.”

Police didn’t know at the time was that the boy had been using his phone’s camera to record himself driving down highway, according to a video obtained by NBC Houston affiliate KPRC.

“We were not aware that he was Snapchating or Facetiming,” the sergeant said.

The young daredevil did eventually surrender and was taken to juvenile probation for felony evading arrest, according to KPRC,

Burt said he’s just glad no one got hurt.

“We were the ones that were keeping traffic off of him during the pursuit,” said Burt, who estimates the chase never hit above 50 miles per hour. “We did not want anybody to hit him.”