WhatsApp is a smart messenger app for smartphones, and uses the internet to send messages, images, audio or video. WhatsApp now boasts one billion users around the world, making it the biggest online messenger app on the market. The Facebook-owned messaging service last year added yet another reason to keep checking in – Live Location sharing.

WhatsApp Live Location is distinct to the long-running option to share your location with others.

Live Location is dynamic as it updates users’ location in real time, even when WhatsApp is in the background.

Zafir Khan, WhatsApp product manager, said: “Live location is a way to share your location in a chat and the participants in that chat will then be able to see your real-time location as it updates on a map.

“It is short-term in nature and it is limited in duration.”

The function allows your location to be shared both in one-on-one WhatsApp conversations and group chats.

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What is WhatsApp Live Location?

WhatsApp Live Location allows users to share real-time location for a specific amount of time.

Users can control whether and how long to share your live location, and can also stop sharing at any time.

Once stopped or expired, users’ live location will cease to be shared.

Former participants will however continue to see the initial location you shared, which appears as a static thumbnail image.

By tapping this thumbnail will let these people see the last updated location.

WhatsApp Live Location is end-to-end encrypted, meaning only those you shared your location with can see it.

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How do you use WhatsApp Live Location?

Users will first need to enable location permissions for WhatsApp by visiting Settings, then Apps and Notifications, Advanced, App permissions, Location, turn on WhatsApp.

Users can alternatively go to Settings, Apps and Notifications, WhatsApp, Permissions, turn on Location.

To share WhatsApp Live Location, begin by opening a chat or group.

Select Attach, Location, Share live location.

The choose the length of time you want to share your live location, meaning you location will stop being shared after the selected amount of time.

You also have an option to add a comment.

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How do you disable WhatsApp Live Location?

Open the chat or group.

Tap Stop Sharing, Stop.

Users also have the option to simultaneously stop sharing their live location in all chats and groups.

Tap Menu, Settings, Account, Privacy, Live location.

Then select Stop Sharing, Stop.

Users can disable location permissions for WhatsApp at any time by selecting Settings, Apps and Notifications, Advanced, App Permissions, Location, Turn Off WhatsApp.


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