WATCH: Purdue superfan inspires team’s unlikely win over Ohio State

Transcript for Purdue superfan inspires team’s unlikely win over Ohio State

We are back now with that college football mega upset, and the superfan who inspired it all. We’re talking about Tyler Trent. He is facing cancer with such grace and dignity, and he was right there on the field. The moment Purdue beat that powerhouse Ohio state team, and that wasn’t his only dream that came true. Isn’t that right, T.J.? Reporter: You said it right. Powerhouse, number two ranked. Ohio state gets beaten like a drum by unranked Purdue, but that wasn’t even the most impressive thing that happened in that same stadium that night. Yes, the team gave an inspiring victory, but where did they get their inspiration? Tyler Trent. The Purdue boilermakers pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the college football season. Setting off this scene. Final seconds. Waiting to snap it. Boilermakers rush the field. Reporter: The hero was in the middle of the melee. He wasn’t in a uniform, but bundled in a blanket in a wheelchair. Tyler Trent, honorary captain, team inspiration, and he is battling terminal bone cancer. Cancer never dampened Tyler’s die-hard boilermaker spirit. Despite constant pain, he found the strength to make it to the game. The coach recalls the first time he met him. You see a guy dressed from head to toe in Purdue garb. He had a positive attitude. That’s boilermaker spirit right there. Reporter: The team has adopted Tyler as one of their own, even inviting him to address the team after the game. Thank you for playing your heart out on the field, and showing the nation what being a boilermaker means. Reporter: And overnight, Tyler received a very special message from his idol, new Orleans saints quarterback and alum, drew Brees. Hey, Tyler. What’s up, buddy? It’s drew Brees. I was right there with you last night watching the boilermakers beating the Buckeyes. You inspire so many. You inspire the boilermaker team and you inspire me. He believed in me. Honestly it’s hard to find words. He has been dealing with cancer since he was 15 years old, but he still wanted to go to Purdue. He has had to now get out of school. He is not enrolled because he is having to have treatment. Just doesn’t have his strength now to do so. The campus has supported him, and, you know, fans can be very mean to the opposing team, but the students supporting him, even T the opposing team saying cancer sucks. I watched that whole game and he was very much apart of that broadcast and this is one of the sports stories that this was just tailor made, sports can mean so much to some folks and he inspires them. The strength to just go to the game, talking about what they pulled off. For him to be in the stadium was a big deal. He said, you beat cancer by how you lived. That young man, how he is living his life right now, woo. Thank you, Tyler for that. Thank you for that.

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