PUBG Mobile UPDATE: Tencent reveal new update with download news and no downtime

The latest PUBG Mobile update is going live today and will include a range of modest changes for the game on iOS and Android.

Fans are reporting the patch going live, although this has led to some issues. According to those affected, some players are no longer able to find matches together.

The good news is this error is just down to there now being two versions of the game available and should be sorted when today’s download has reached everyone.

As confirmed by Tencent earlier this week, the new update doesn’t require the servers to go offline for downtime.

“We will be updating the game on October 9th, but the servers will stay online during the update!” the Tencent message reads.

“The download is about 143 MB, so please make sure you have enough storage space on your device, and maybe download via WiFi instead of mobile data.”

This is excellent news for fans, as this sometimes leaves the game unavailable to play for hours on end.

As mentioned above, the new PUBG Mobile update is around 143MB to download, depending on what platform you are playing on, so it should take long to download.

From past experience, the new update will likely roll out worldwide by the end of today, although fans should expect a little disruption.

When it comes to the changes being made through the new patch, Tencent has confirmed a list of patch notes.

This includes new outfits that come with emotes, as well as “improved” daily rewards and tweaks to when packs can be opened.

It’s mostly minor bug fixes, although some fans are also hoping for some performance improvements with this new update.

According to feedback left on the PUBG Mobile Reddit page, some players were hit by lag issues, following the release of PUBG Mobile update 0.8.0.

One good thing that has been noticed is the changes in hacking rates, which looks to have dropped since the last patching process.

“We have recently expanded our cheating detection library and will be able to identify more types of cheats and hacks,” a message from Tencent adds.

“We will continue to apply a zero-tolerance policy against such behaviors. At the same time, we have also added reporting buttons on multiple locations (“Spectate Friend”, “Basic Info” and “Statistics”) to provide our players with more ways to report cheaters.”

For a full look at the current patch notes released today, you can find them below:

  • Added outfits with exclusive emotes.
  • Pop-ups during login have been adjusted.
  • News now display information more efficiently.
  • Daily sign-in rewards have been improved.
  • Swiping in vehicle page has been tuned.
  • Packs can be opened right after purchase.

PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play game available on Android and iOS platforms, developed by Tencent in association with Bluehole Inc.