Khabib TRAILS Conor McGregor on Instagram followers despite adding 3million in 24 hours

After retaining his lightweight title, Khabib reached a total of 10.1 million followers on Instagram.

This was an increase from the 6.8 million followers he had prior to the fight.

Despite this increase, Khabib still trails his former opponent.

Currently, Mr McGregor has 28.1 million followers.

However, Khabib appears to be gaining popularity outside of MMA circles, after being relatively unknown beyond the sport prior to the fight.

For some of his more recent posts, Khabib has received at least one million ‘likes’.

One of these posts includes a message he sent out directly following the fight, in which he “apologised” for his actions in the mass brawl that ensued.

Khabib’s apology refers to his actions following the fight when he jumped over the ring and went into the crowd to fight Mr McGregor’s training partner, which led to a mass brawl.

Both Khabib and McGregor received condemnation for their actions in the brawl.

He also received a high number of ‘likes’ for a photo he posted alongside his father and trainer, Abdulmanap.

The photo was taken in his native Dagestan, with the Caucasus mountains in the background.

In the caption, Khabib thanked his fans for their support.

The photo received over 3.5 million likes, a number that surpasses some of McGregor’s most recent posts.

Khabib’s sharp increase in followers also puts him ahead of other major Russian athletes.

Tennis player Maria Sharapova with 3.3 million Instagram followers, while the ice hockey player Alexander Ovechkin has 1.3 million followers.