ACLU breaks nonpartisan tradition by opposing Brett Kavanaugh

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In an unusual break with their own policy, the American Civil Liberties Union announced that it was opposing Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

The ACLU is nonpartisan — it does not oppose or support candidates for judicial or political office — but the group said in a release Saturday afternoon that its board held an “extraordinary meeting, and has chosen to make an exception to that policy.”

The group said they did so because it believes there are credible sexual assault allegations against the candidate.

“This is not a decision taken lightly,” the organization said in a resolution passed by the board of directors. “We cannot remain silent under these extraordinary circumstances about a lifetime appointment to the highest court of the land. The standard for such an appointment should be high, and the burden is on the nominee. That burden is not met as long as there are unresolved questions regarding the credible allegations of sexual assault.”