Readers write: Beacon of hope, change for Supreme Court?, locals’ stories

Beacon of hope

I have been a faithful subscriber of The Christian Science Monitor for years, ever since my mother gave me a gift subscription to the daily edition as a housewarming gift. I particularly like editor Mark Sappenfield’s perspectives. I find him to be wise and compassionate. His columns are spot on and I often find myself nodding in recognition of the importance of one of his observations. 

I believe the magazine is a beacon of hope and reality in a busy world where truth and the positive aspects of humanity are sometimes obscured. I am also a big fan of the new science section. Thank you for being there, for chronicling lives all over the globe, and for letting us know about points of progress.

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Constance Del Nero

Easton, Md.

Change for Supreme Court?

Regarding the July 10 Monitor Daily editorial, “The big question for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee”: Unfortunately, Supreme Court appointments are moving further away from independent decisionmakers and more to ideologues whose minds seem to be made up in advance and who use their legal abilities to support preconceived positions. The best solution would be to amend the Constitution to set term limits for federal judges. 

Without the high-stakes poker game of a lifetime appointment and the likelihood of extreme ideological opinions being reversed when the political winds shift over time, the pressure on the respective left and right to appoint judges who are in lockstep with their own opinions will grow less.

Nick McNaughton

Los Angeles

Locals’ stories

The Aug. 6 OneWeek article “Why a 30-year-old list is roiling Latvia” is an excellent read and extremely informative. It is consistent with stories we heard from locals during recent travels to Romania, Slovakia, and Croatia.

Rich Keig


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