Google Pixel 3 could give fans the vital upgrade they’ve been hoping for

Pixel 3 is set to be the third phone designed in-house by the tech giant itself.

Following the tradition laid out by its predecessors, the Android flagship is expected to be announced on October 4 at a Google hardware event.

Fans are expecting two versions of the smartphone to be revealed; a regular Pixel 3 model and a larger version of the device dubbed Google Pixel 3 XL.

But ahead of its presumed unveiling, the hardware appears to have been plagued by leaks that may have given an early insight into its best features.

Earlier this month a user on messaging service Telegram posted a video of an alleged Pixel 3 XL unit being unboxed.

The hardware featured a brand new design with the front touting a controversial notch and severely reduced bezels.

The supposed Pixel 3 unit also boasted a familiar two-tone mix of glass and brushed aluminium on its rear in addition to a circular fingerprint sensor.

This suggests the Android phone will not come with futuristic finger scanning technology in its front glass panel.

But now another leak has emerged that appears to show the purported hardware with wireless charging functionality.

Such a feature has been highly requested from Pixel users and the Google Pixel 2’s decision to forgo the functionality was a disappointment for many.

Russian blogger Maxim Khoroshev recently posted a video on Twitter of an alleged Pixel 3 XL unit he obtained being used in conjunction with a wireless charger.

Khoroshev is shown placing the phone on a wireless pad and it instantaneously starts receiving juice.

If the Google Pixel 3 comes with wireless charging capabilities it would match the functionality already present in rival flagships such as the iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone line.

Samsung has installed the feature on its phones for years and Apple introduced it last September when it debuted the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

The short clip shows the purported Pixel 3 XL unit looking extremely similar to what has appeared in prior leaks.

The front of the hardware features a notch and can be seen running Android 9 Pie.

Only one camera sensor can be seen on the back – it is rumoured to a 12.2megapixel lens, the same as is currently on the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

However, Google would surely improve the quality of the camera system and its signature machine learning to improve the snapper this year.

from the new Google product.

Images taken of landmarks scattered around London appeared incredibly sharp – selfie shots were also posted and boasted similar levels of clarity.

Pixel fans will not have to wait long to see if the phone comes with wireless charging functions and if its camera can take photos as good as the samples shown.

The Silicon Valley giant is expected to debut its phone on October 4.