2018 Is a Great Time to Change, Focus or Establish a New Paradigm

*** First of all let's define paradigm in simple terms: A paradigm, at least in my view, is pretty much a set way, or standard way of rationalizing something in one's own mind or way of thinking. It can also be explained as the way something is habitually perceived by a group or an individual way of understanding, or viewing a habit, situation of common, or custom way of analyzing or seeing something, so applying one's own individual perspective. Being that something, an action, act or any given situation is both perceived and either accepted or rejected and in finality established a paradigm- way of thinking of believing how something or someone or some situations works best!

Another way of understanding a paradigm is any accepted perspective regarding any number of concepts, concepts, attitudes, practices or thoughts that have been formed, over time, into habitual ways of thinking. These habitual thoughts may stay the same or may have morphed, over time, regarding the perception of any task or discipline.

** So with the new year, literally hours away, what kind of paradigm shift are you going to be inviting into your life for 2018?

I have decided that my paradigm shift is going to be researching more accurate information regarding everything in my periphery AND to do a lot more questioning, versus accepting everything I read or hear challenging whether it is completely- true or half- true, and even going beyond the boundaries of my city, county and state.

Global awareness is really great and makes for a happier, more focused and educated way of inviting a positive, loving, empowering paradigm shift for humanity. Learning more about our neighbors to the north, south, east and west is always best, and always invites an empowering, flowering paradigm shift.

It also makes people more rounded, astounded and grounded souls … Would you agree with my assessment?

Of one thing I can most assuredly be certain, that as technology challenges humanity's limiting paradigms, humanity collectively will all be more more accepting of making more, new and advanced paradigm shifts as more currents, with the aid of science and technology, will be ever-changing and necessary. Now more so than ever before. through man's time on the planet, we will be required to question the disciplines of each and every job, task or challenge that we have faced through history.

Happy New Year! Have a grand paradigm shift and do not forget to uplift yourself, your friends, family and humanity all while searching and engaging more and different new disciples!

** I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously! ~