How to Win at Simon Says

Simon, a Strategy game at Marapets is a game that is based on memory and can be played by using different methods to remember the moves. All you need to do is be smart and follow the instructions below. Now for Simon you get 50 MP per point that means you only have to score 30 to get the maximum number of MP awarded for any game – 1500. At the start of the game you are shown a round dial divided into four quarters and each quarter is a different colour and has a specific musical note. Top left is blue, top right is yellow, bottom left is red and bottom right is red.

In the first turn, the computer will highlight a colour and play the musical note that is assigned to that colour. Then in your turn you must press the same colour to get a point. In the next turn however the computer will highlight the first colour and add a new one after that, and with every subsequent turn, the computer will add one more new colour to the sequence. It is up to you to remember this sequence and get it correct by clicking the colours in the order that the computer has done.

Now if you don’t have a very good memory, all you need to do is have a notepad beside you and write down the first letter of the colour that has been introduced in every new round. For instance is the first colour is yellow they write a ‘y’. If in the sequence is yellow and then blue, then write a ‘b’ after the ‘y’ so you too maintain that sequence. the computer may try to trick you by using the same colour twice, for instance yellow, blue and blue again. In this case you must keep up by writing y,b,b. You could separate each with a comma if you like but that is not necessary.

Another way to remember the colours is to listen to the musical note that is sounded with the colour and if you are musically inclined then it will not be a problem for you to follow the notes and turn these four colours into mini musical keyboard. The third way to remember would be to take note of the positions that these colours are in and remember them as the game progresses.

You must remember that you are awarded 50MP for each correct point so you need a maximum of 30MP or 30 correct turns. And with each round the number of turns you play goes up, so ideally you will score maximum MP if you play 8 correct rounds you will have scored just over 30 gamepoints or 1500MP.

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