Turkey news: Ferryboat with 170 passengers and vehicles STRANDED after engine FAILURE

On Friday morning, images showed a full-size passenger ferry struck on the shore due to an engine failure.

The ferryboat, which connects to mainland Turkey, had around 170 passengers and 64 vehicles on board when the engine cut out.

The boat still remains on the shoreline of the Coastal city, just metres from the coastline of the popular city in Çanakkale province.

Kilitbahir, the closest car ferry dock to Çanakkale, is 318 km/198 miles and takes about four and a half hours journey time.

The ferry crosses the Dardanelles to Kilitbahir and Eceabat on the Gallipoli peninsula.

However, it is unclear how long passengers have been trapped on board the stranded ship, which is unable to move due the failure.

The archaeological site at Troy, including an ancient theatre, is southwest of the city.

The ferry named “Gökçeada-1” is 84 meters long belonging to GESTAŞ AŞ, which made the 9:00 flight from Kabatepe to Gökçeada, came to the Kuzu Limanı in Gökçeada. 

GESTAŞ AŞ who runs the boat, released a statement of the stranded ship, which is 30 metres from shore.

It read: “Our ship will be taken from another ship in our phoenix and from the place where it is supported by the Coast Guard, and will be taken to the pier to evacuate the 64 vehicles in it.”

AK Party group leader, Bülent Turan, currently in Gallipoli district to attend various programs, also received information of the boat.

Turan said that the ferry was experiencing a technical breakdown in close proximity to the shore.

He told local media: “Our captain is making a very correct decision to stop the ship, stopping the ship, which made us sad but happy to be wounded or dead.” used expressions.