Sony’s PlayStation VR hits 3 million systems sold. Is that a lot? – CNET


PS VR lets you take your PlayStation 4 into virtual reality.

Sarah Tew/CNET

On Thursday, Sony announced that it has sold over 3 million PlayStation VR systems. While that’s an impressive feat, it gives us an indication that virtual reality (still) hasn’t really hit the mainstream.

Sony has sold over 82 million PlayStation 4 consoles. So the 3 million statistic means that only a small number of PS4 gamers are opting for VR.

And it’s not like Sony hasn’t made PSVR accessible. PlayStation VR came out in 2016, and since its release Sony has released several bundles of the VR system with its PS4, often at a discounted price.

Sony also announced that it has sold 21.9 million VR games. To celebrate, Sony announced two new games coming to PSVR: Creed: Rise to Glory (which releases Sept. 25) and Evasion (which releases Oct. 9). Preorders for both games are open now.

Whether PSVR isn’t that sought after or VR fever is cooling down as a whole is up for debate. But at the very least, PSVR offers a way to experience VR without an expensive souped-up PC; PlayStation competitors like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One have yet to explore VR.

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