Donald Trump MOCKED and HUMILIATED for White House Twitter BLUNDER after UK visit

The White House’s official Twitter account, which has over 17million followers, said Donald Trump was “departing from the UK” ahead of his trip to Scotland, which to the amusement of millions of Twitter followers, is still in the UK.

The White House tweeted: “Today, Donald Trump and Melania Trump had tea with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle before departing the UK.”

Twitter users were quick to criticise and mock the White House for their mistake.

One user wrote: “He’s heading to Scotland? Scotland is in the UK.

Another wrote: “He’s still in the UK? Idiots.”

A third person said: “Did you guys just accidentally try to break up the United Kingdom?

“Last time I checked, Scotland was part of the UK.

“They had a big vote on it.”

While one annoyed user said: “This reminds us of that time Trump landed in Scotland and congratulated them on Brexit when 62 percent of Scotland voted Remain.

“Nice work, morons.”

The Republican firebrand flew into London following a Nato Summit in Brussels on Thursday afternoon.

He travelled to Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, where Theresa May hosted the US President and his wife, Melania for a black-tie dinner with 100 guests and Government ministers.

The President and First Lady stayed at Winfield House, the American ambassador’s residence in Regent’s Park.

On Friday, Donald Trump and Theresa May visited a defence site to watch a demonstration of the UK’s military capabilities and “integrated US military training”.

They then travelled to the Prime Minister’s country home for bilateral talks on a range of foreign policy issues including trade.

The president then travelled to Windsor Castle to meet the Queen before heading to Scotland where they will spend the rest of their trip before

Trump departs on Sunday evening.

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