Fortnite Mobile iOS download SHOCK: Epic Games release has massive news

Epic Games have a new hit on their hands, bringing their popular Battle Royale title to phones.

Fortnite Mobile iOS downloads are now available to players who have signed up to the early beta test.

But event with this smallish release, there’s been some massive news confirmed.

Not only has it been revealed that Fortnite Mobile has been topping the App Store in many regions, but it’s also making a serious amount of money.

App data firm Sensor Tower has revealed that Fortnite Mobile is already making millions of dollars for Epic Games.

In just four days, Fortnite has apparently raked in $1.5 million, most of this made in the first 72 hours of the game’s iOS release.

“In less than a week, Fortnite has become a bona fide sensation on mobile, topping the iPhone download charts in more than 40 countries despite still being invite-only,” a report from Sensor Tower explains.

“Now, thanks to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data, we have a first measure of how successful the game has been so far on the revenue front.

“According to our estimates, Fortnite has already grossed more than $1.5 million worldwide on iOS, with $1 million of that earned during the first 72 hours after IAPs went live.

“This places the game well ahead of its primary rivals in the burgeoning mobile survival game genre during the same post-launch period.”

That means Fortnite is outpacing the likes of NetEase’s Knives Out and Rules of Survival by a factor of more than 25.

That’s some big monetising success for a game that’s traditionally free-to-play on all platforms.

Sensor Tower also notes that while Fortnite Mobile has not beaten the likes of Pokemon Go in the same period of launch, it’s still pacing well.

“Fortnite’s revenue is also impressive when put into perspective against some of the largest mobile game launches from the past two years.

“Purely based on cosmetic IAP, it has managed to gross about one third as much as both Pokémon GO ($4.9 million) and Clash Royale ($4.6 million) made in their first four days of availability on iOS.”

When Pokemon Go launched, it had a huge playerbase, with servers struggling to keep up with demand.

And with Fortnite Mobile still only available via invite, it’s easy to see how things could grow very quickly in the future.

Then there’s the launch on Android devices, which will be happening later in 2018.

There’s been no fixed date for when this will happen, or if it will also include a beta period.

Fortnite Mobile on Android devices will probably face a tougher road when it comes to optimisation.

With so much hardware available, it’s easy to see why Epic Games elected to spend more time on the Android version, before launching it.