Dubai ruler comes to aid of friends stranded in desert

Miss Arroyo, who comes from Mexico, tweeted a picture with the Prime Minister along with two friends and said he helped to pull their car out of the dunes.

The woman wrote on Twitter: “My friend and I got stuck on the desert of Dubai and we got rescued by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.”

The tourist also tweeted a video saying: “This is the video that shows HHS Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid pulling our car out of the sand!!! Thank God there are still good people on earth, this means we can all help others when we see them in trouble.”

She shared a picture of a young Emirati boy attaching a tether between the Ruler’s car and her Honda Pilot 4×4.

The car has its front wheels stuck in sand just off a two-lane road.

The ruler guided the tourists to the main road where they were able to continue their journey safely.

He also gave the stuck tourists a refreshing drink before they departed ways.

Many people are hailing the ruler for his kind actions.

Yasir Shakoor called it a “kind gesture”.

Manish Dhuliya said: “The world needs more leader like HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid”.

Praveen Indian called the ruler a “true leader”.

Last year, the ruler helped a lorry driver stuck in the desert.

He has also rescued three cyclists who were left stranded in the desert.

The ruler of Dubai is responsible for the growth of the city as well as the launch of various businesses such as Emirates Airline.