Google Chrome gets awesome new feature (but you’ll need to turn it on manually)

Google Chrome has pushed-out an update to its popular browser, which brings new functionality for those running two-in-one hybrid Windows 10 hardware and ChromeBooks.

Chrome users with touchscreen displays can now pull-down to refresh a webpage.

On notebook, users can drag down on the trackpad until the refresh symbol appears at the top of the page – then let go to reload the page.

This functionality has become a staple part of social media apps on smartphones and tablets.

It is also present on Google Chrome on iOS and Android, however, is it not the standard on desktop web browsers.

Those with touchscreen displays, including those with two-in-one hybrid machines or ChromeBooks, will likely benefit the most from the new feature.

Google doesn’t enable the feature by default.

Instead, Google Chrome users will need to manually turn-on the new functionality by entering the following command into the URL.


Please note, the new feature is slowly rolling-out to Chrome users across the globe – so if the above command doesn’t work immediately, you might want to try in a few days.

According to reports, those running the developer build of the web browser are guaranteed to be able to test-out the new feature.

However, those with the standard version of Chrome might have to wait to get the new feature from Google.

Google Chrome users on macOS aren’t currently able to use the feature.

However, given that Apple doesn’t ship any notebooks with a touchscreen display, the pull-to-refresh feature probably wouldn’t be all that useful anyway.

The ability to pull-to-refresh was first spotted in beta builds of Chrome back in July 2017.