Weight loss: Denise Welch reveals the diet plan tricks that helped her shed three stone

Weight loss for many is a frustrating affair, and many yo-yo from one end of the scales to the other, struggling to stick to their ideal weight.

Denise Welch, 59, has also struggled to keep her weight low in the past.

The British actress, born in Tynemouth, has starred in the likes of Coronation Street, Holby City, Waterloo Road and Benidorm.

The Loose Women presenter revealed to Express.co.uk her weight loss tips, and how a diet paired with counselling helped her to change her eating habits for good.

“I lost just over two stone in four and a half years,” Denise explained.

He weight loss journey began when she gave up drinking six years ago. Denise said: “I gave up drinking six years ago and as a result of that I started to eat in the same way I was drinking.

“I realised that I had the wrong relationship with food and giving up drinking highlighted that and I over ate, and would eat secretly.”

However, the star turned to a diet with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to get her on track long term.

“I knew how to lose weight but what people don’t know how to do it keep it off.”

Denise turned to Lighter Life for help. She said: “I think when you hear terms like cognitive behavioural therapy people thinks it’s an intense therapy, and it’s not, it’s a bunch of women who are all on the same journey, which teaches you little tools to address you thinking.”

For Denise, the therapy has been key in helping her to address her issues with food, however, she has various other weight loss tips that any dieter can adopt, including one meal she relies on to keep her healthy and full.

Denise said: “I find if I don’t have vegetables in my diet my mood suffers so Lincoln and I will make a big vegetable stew, no recipe just everything from the vegetable world in there and a little bit of curry paste, and have that for a couple days.”

However, Denise also has a sweet tooth. The actress makes one food swap to stop her from reaching for the chocolate.

She said: “I make sure I have plenty of yoghurt and fruit in. I’ve taken a lot of dairy out my diet so instead I’ll have natural yoghurt on my fruit.”

“My go to for breakfast would be lots of fruit with a few raisons because I like that with yoghurt.”

For lunch the actress will enjoy avocado, a poached egg and granary bread or a big halloumi salad.

For dinner Denise likes to indulge in pasta, but adds: “I try not have big portion.”

She also follows the 5-2 diet, using Lighter Life projects to help her stay on track.

What is the best weight loss diet

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Low carb diets have been shown to be effective in helping with weight loss, but they mainly fall into two categories – high fat and high protein.

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