Justice League: Will Aquaman lose his HAND? New image released

Aquaman is the next DCEU movie out of the gates, although fans have quite a wait before it finally swims into view.

Aquaman will hit cinemas worldwide at Christmas later this year.

Alongside Wonder Woman and Flash, Momoa’s charming turn as the (mer)man from Atlantis was one of the less contentious elements of the recent Justice League movie, so hopes are still high.

The latest image posted by the director, though, had fans flashing back to a shocking storyline from the original comicbooks.

Back in the 1990’s Peter David era of the Aquaman comics, Arthur Curry lost his left hand and replaced it with a gleaming metal blade, a harpoon.

Flash forward to the present day and Wan has just posted an image of Aquaman’s underwater armour.

Fans did not fail to notice that the teaser shot also included a certain menacing-looking hooked spear…

Wan captioned the image: “Happy New Year from the Deep! Here’s to a great 2018.”

Fans immediately replied with excited comments like “Did James Wan just tease Aquaman’s hook hand?” and “The hoooook!”

One said: “That’s a broken trident” while another was a little more scathing with: “Calm your t**s, people. He won’t lose his hand just yet.”

Perhaps learning from his fellow directors’ experiences, Wan stepped in immediately.

Wan wasted no time in shutting it all down with a one-word reply to the theories: “No.”

The fans, though, were determined not to let it go and added: “There’s a chance he was being sarcastic…”