SHOCK North Korea WARNING: Russia helping Kim weaponise ANTHRAX amid WW3 threat

has defied international sanctions to continue its plot to create an arsenal of nuclear and biological weapons, sparking fears of .

Retired Lt Col Ralph Peters said traces of Anthrax found on a North Korean defector proves that Kim Jong-un is likely attempting to weaponise the bacteria.

He even went as far to claim Russian scientists could be assisting the hermit nation in its efforts.

Lt Col Peters told Fox: “They are probably profiting from the collapse of the Soviet Union, after which there is a lot of Soviet biological scientists looking for work.”

He said it was likely the defector was either been inoculated to guard an Anthrax lab or built up his own immunity.

Lt Col Peters added: “It’s verification the programme is still going on.

“Why Anthrax? It’s not as dramatic as Small Pox or Plague, but the key to understanding it, Anthrax are very, very tough.

“They’re very durable, they can go dormant and come back to life.”

Returning to a potential Russian connection, he said: “Not only do I think it, I can virtually guarantee it to you.”

The warning comes as US Officials have said that North Korea could be plotting another missile launch soon.

CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr said: “Multiple officials tell us North Korea is moving equipment around.

“They are not able to tell us exactly what kind of equipment, but it is the kind of thing making them watch for the possibility, in the coming days or weeks, of another missile launch or even a satellite launch.

“It’s simply too soon to say exactly what the North Koreans may be up to.”