Prince Harry’s stag do predictions claim he WILL be snapped in the nude again

Prince Harry’s stag do will no doubt be of the utmost secrecy, much like Prince Philip’s stag do.

The 96-year-old royal had one public stag do with the press and another in private with his upper society friends.

Prince Harry, 33, will surely be doing something to mark the end of unmarried life. Will the Prince return to Vegas to relive some past scandals?

In August 2012 the cheeky Prince caused some royal blushes when he was photographed naked in a hotel room on a Las Vegas holiday with pals. And it seems the majority of the British public believe the Prince will be getting up to his old tricks again.

Eighty-two per cent of respondents in a recent survey believe Prince Harry will be photographed doing something inappropriate during the party.

What’s more, predictions for where the stag will take place have been uncovered, with Las Vegas topping the list.

Respondents were asked about how they thought the wedding planning and the big day would play out, particularly the stag do and Harry’s choices.

So what do the public think Prince Harry’s stag will entail?

Who will be Harry’s best man?

Surprisingly Prince William does not top the best man shortlist, with Guy Pelly taking the number one spot. Guy Pelly is a close friend of both princes and threw Prince William’s stag party.

1. Guy Pelly – 29 per cent

2. Prince William – 25 per cent

3. Tom Inskip – 17 per cent

4. Jack Mann – 11 per cent

5. Arthur Landon – 7 per cent

Where will Prince Harry have his stag do?

1. Las Vegas – 24 per cent

2. St Tropez – 21 per cent

3. Monaco – 18 per cent

4. Dubai – 11 per cent

5. Amsterdam – 6 per cent

Participants were asked whether they thought that Prince Harry would invite his father, Prince Charles, to the stag do, with more than three quarters, 76 per cent, predicting that he would. 

All of those taking part in the poll were then asked the same question, but this time regarding Prince Phillip, to which more than one fifth (22 per cent) said they believed he’d be invited.

Gambling, shooting and horse racing or polo were considered the three most likely activities to take place during the boys’ night out.

Mike Chidzey, a spokesperson for Chilli Sauce who commisioned the research, said: “The royal wedding is cause for much excitement; Prince Harry has always had a bit of a ‘bad boy’ edge about him and it would certainly seem from this poll that he still hasn’t shaken off his party animal reputation. 

“We found it especially amusing that the public believes he would choose Las Vegas for his stag, especially after what happened there last time!

“Whatever happens on the stag, I think it’s safe to say it will be a lot of fun. We do enjoy the image of Prince Charles and Phillip joining in on the celebrations too!”