Greece in CRISIS: Protestors clash with riot police in furious demonstration

Images from the scene have shown furious Athenians squaring up to officers in the halls of the First Instance Court in the nation’s capital.

Protestors ran through tear gas to storm the building, before being brought to a grinding halt byofficerss.

The protests accompanied the first day of online auctions to sell off citizen’s houses following years of financial instability for the EU member state.

It follows similar protests earlier this year, where furious Greeks stormed the halls of Athens’ central civil court, chanting “not a single home in the hands of a banker” and unfurling banners that hit out at “vulture crows”.

At the time Ilias Papadopoulos, 33, told the Guardian “Poor people can’t afford lawyers, rich people can.

“We are here to protect the little man who has been hit by unemployment, hit by poverty and cannot keep up with mortgage payments. 

“Banks have already been recapitalised. Now they want to suck the blood of the people.”

More to follow…