Incredibles 2 trailer: You WON’T believe what Jack Jack has done now – WATCH it here

Having a new baby is hard enough at the best of tmes.

When your charming little chappie is actually a megapowered explosve bundle of destruction, tings get even trickier.

Disney PIXAR just unveiled the long awaited teaser trailer for Incredibles 2 and Jack Jack shows just what he’s capable of.

It’s time to duck for cover – or look at your own little burbling beauty and be very grateful they are not so special after all…

The new movie will follow the trials and tribulations of Bob (once again voiced by Craig T. Nelson).

He has been left home alone to take care of his new son and not even superheroes are prepared for quite what Jack Jack has in store.

It’s lucky that Mtr Incredible possesses super-strength and limited invulnerability, what with all the lightning bolts and laser beam heading his way from the over-excited toddler.

Incredibles 2 has been tagged Rising Son.

The sequel to the 2004 smash hit has been a very long time coming, especially since it banked over $633million at the box office and garnered universal acclaim.

Once again, the adventures of the Incredibles family is directed by Brad Bird and produced by John Walker, promising another huge treat and another chance for regular families to feel that it’s ok if sometimess life gets out of hand.

Incredibles 2 is out in UK cinemas in July 2018