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1) England have a game against your actual Brazil coming up. This will be the 26th time: the first came in 1956, when the “grand old man of English football” Stanley Matthews played in a 4-2 victory for the home side at Wembley. They faced each other in the World Cup two years later, a 0-0 draw that wasn’t especially inspiring, but watch the highlights here if you like. You all know what happened in 1970, but a year before there was a friendly in Rio where it looks like England spent the whole game booting Pelé up in the air. And of course we can’t leave out John Barnes’s goal in 1984: Mark Hateley got the other, and this clip has the bonus footage of Saint and Greavsie giving the Brazilians an absolute coating afterwards.

2) NFL fisticuffs are not uncommon but AJ Green and Jalen Ramsey took things to another level during the game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cincinnati Bengals, and it escalated. It wasn’t the only scrap last weekend: a late hit sparked tempers between the Cardinals and the 49ers, while an innocuous shove sent ended in a mass brawl between the Buccaneers and the Saints.

3) Who knew a group of people coming together to retrieve a hat dropped from a multi-story car park would be so uplifting? The Houston Astros fans were in a good mood mind, after winning the World Series.

4) Ulisses Morais: part Malaysian side Johor’s coach, part cheerleader. All nifty mover.

5) And the moment Mainz goalkeeper Robin Zentner mistook the penalty spot for a football:

Mainz goalkeeper takes his eye off the ball attempting to play a pass – video

1) Following Shaun Kemp’s appearance last week, here’s another chance to reminisce over the Sonics with Gary Payton’s best bits. And for good measure, here’s Jason Williams doing his thing too.

2) Gareth Edwards’ Barbarians try may be the best ever but here’s a pair of French beauties that run it close: All Blacks v France, 1994 and England v France, 1991.

3) A fabulous strike by Marco Asensio.

4) A special effort to get yourself sent off after five seconds…

5) Free diving continues to be quite, quite insane, but also most interesting when they do stuff like this.

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