Germany’s Bundesbank hires historians to research its activities during the Nazi regime

Back then it was the Reichsbank which worked hand in fist with the Nazi regime.

Into its coffers poured the plundered treasure of dispossessed Jews…and later their gold teeth ripped from their gassed corpses in the death camps.

Now the bank’s modern governors have ordered a warts-and-all historical housekeeping.  

Historian Albrecht Ritschl of London School of Economics and Magnus Brechtken of the Institute for History in Munich have been tasked with the research. 

The study will span the years 1923 to 1969 but “with a special focus on the work of the Reichsbank  under National Socialism “, said a Bundesbank spokesman.

The project will primarily deal with the bank’s management staff.

Country-specific studies on Poland, France and Greece are also planned. 

The researchers are investigating the extent to which the Reichsbank has participated as a major player in Hitler’s wars of conquest and who underwrote him. 

Studies of this kind in modern-day Germany are not new: BMW and VW have carried them out, as has the foreign ministry and German railways.

Another part of the study will focus on the continuity of senior staff – some who served the bank during the Nazi era who retained their jobs in peacetime.

The project will take four years and cost three million pounds.