BREAKING: North Korea issued DIRE warning from NATO: ‘We CAN counter threat’

NATO said they had the “capability and resolve” to respond to any attack from North Korea. 

Secretary general Jens Stoltenberg said at a press conference in South Korea today NATO was ready for an attack “from any direction”. 

He highlighted NATO’s role during the Cold War and said the ongoing Korean crisis could be dealt with in the same way. 

Mr Soltenberg said: “We have the capability and resolve to deter any attack. That’s the way NATO has handled ballistic missiles threats in the Cold War.

He said: “Historically events in this region have shaped NATO as we know it today. Our security has long been connected with yours. 

“NATO and our partners are deeply concerned by the threats posed by North Korea. We strongly condemn Pyongyang’s ballistic and nuclear tests. 

“North Korea is working to advance its nuclear and missile technologies. This is a clear and present danger to the Republic of Korean and Japan, our partners in the region.

“It is also a threat to NATO allies. North Korea is developing ballistic missiles capable of hitting cities both in North America and in Europe.

“NATO takes that very seriously.”

It comes amid rumours Kim Jong-un is preparing for another missile test, after satellite images spotted “brisk activity” at one of its research facilities. 

This is a breaking story, more to follow…