TV: Top 10 facts about television

1. Although John Logie Baird did not invent the television until 1926, the word “television” has been with us since 1900 for such a proposed invention.

2. Baird’s first TV set used an old hat box, a pair of scissors, some darning needles, a few bicycle light lenses, a used tea chest and sealing wax and glue.

3. The average person in the UK watches three hours and 32 minutes of TV a day, including recordings viewed within a week of transmission.

4. According to a survey by Freeview, 10 per cent of people would give up their pet rather than give up their TV…

5. …while 8 per cent would give up their bed and 4 per cent would give up the washing machine.

6. By the time the average US child is 14 years old, they have seen around 11,000 murders on TV.

7. The use of the word “goggle-box” for a television dates back to 1959.

8. And the world’s first TV advert was screened in America in 1941 for Bulova Watches. It cost $9.

9. The total amount spent on TV advertising in the UK last year was £5.28billion.

10. Worldwide, 90 per cent of homes own TV sets. In the UK, the figure is 95.4 per cent.