‘Nuclear WAR could break out ANY MOMENT’ North Korea issues terrifying WW3 warning

It comes the US Navy started military drills near the Korean Peninsula with its aircraft carrier strike group and nuclear-powered submarine yesterday.

North Korea’s deputy UN ambassador Kim In Ryong claimed no country other than north Korea had been the victim of “such an extreme and direct nuclear threat from the US”.

Mr Kim warned that tensions on the peninsula have “reached the touch-and-go point and a nuclear war may break out any moment.”

The US was told they would face a “severe punishment” if America forces invaded the hermit kingdom.

Speaking to the United Nations disarmament committee the deputy ambassador warned that “the entire US mainland is within our firing range”.

While Kim Jong-un has previously claimed his intercontinental ballistic missiles are capable of hitting the US mainland, weapons experts are divided on the matter.

 The deputy ambassador further alleged that the US plans to remove North Korea’s “supreme leader” were even more dangerous.

Mr Kim has also told countries to ditch the US or face retaliation.

The shocking caution came as part of Mr Kim’s prepared remarks for the UN committee.

Although Kim did not read that section out loud, the notes made for terrifying reading – threatening the globe to imply with their illegal regime.

The notes read: “As long as one does not take part in the US military actions against the DPRK (North Korea), we have no intention to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against any other country.

The terrifying warning comes after the UN Security Council unanimously ratcheted up sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs since 2006.

However Kim In Ryong warned the regime will never scale back its nuclear arsenal while it perceives the US to be a continued threat.

He said: “Unless the hostile policy and the nuclear threat of the US is thoroughly eradicated, we will never put our nuclear weapons and ballistic rockets on the negotiation table under any circumstance.”

Donald Trump is due to travel to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Hawaii in the coming weeks amid rising tensions over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.

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