Catalonia leader attacks king’s speech and insists region IS following democratic process

In an address to the nation this evening, Mr Puigdemont said that the Spanish Prime Minister’s policies have been “catastrophic” for Catalonia. 

The Spanish government has claimed that the referendum held on Sunday regarding Catalonia’s independence was “illegal”. 

Mr Puigdemont said: “We are following a democratic process that follows the desire and will of our people.

“The Spanish authorities should explain better what is happening in Catalonia, a more balanced view in order to understand the complex issue.

“We are one people, we wish to continue contributing to the development of Spain. 

“We are a very cohesive, diverse society, that is why the address the head of state gave we cannot share.

“The King portrays the same politics as the Prime Minister Rajoy has and they are catastrophic, we don’t share those policies.”

He said the King did not mention the people in Catalonia who were victims to the police brutality. 

The leader accused the King of not acting as a moderator in the crisis and not obeying the consitution by adressing all of the people in Spain. 

He said: “The King has never taken into account the position of Catalonia and he has decided to take on a role that simply supports the Spanish government in order to anihalate the sovereign aspirations of the Catalan people.”

He said that the King’s speech “disappointed many people in Catalonia who value” him and expected a different tone. 

He said: “My Government will never move away from our commitment to peace, but we need mediation.

“I am open to initiate a mediation process.

“Peace, dialogue and agreement are part of our political culture in our country.

“We have not had a response from the Spanish Government about the options on the table.

“Frankly I think that it is very irresponsible from the Spanish government not hearing calls from Cataonia to deal with this issue from a poltical pespective and not through the police.

“Today, we are closer than ever to our desire, we managed to have a referendum among a notion of difficulties and heavy-handed police action.”

The leader has said that he will declare independence for Catalonia within days.