German election 2017: Merkel SILENCED by booing protesters during campaign rally

Angela Merkel was drowned out by hundreds of furious protesters during a hostile campaign rally last night, less than a month before the German elections.

The German Chancellor had planned to speak to a crowd of up to 10,000 supporters at the central market square in Fulda yesterday.

But a group of anti-Merkel protesters disrupted the campaign rally, using megaphones during her speech to call on her to go.

The town is supposed to be stronghold for her Christian Democrat party (CDU), who have held the seat since 1949.

But, the furious voters in Fulda booed and whistled the country’s long-standing leader, before chanting slogans such as “Merkel must go” and “Borders instead of CDU”. 

Local police in Fulda later reported there were “minor disturbances” between the supporters of Mrs Merkel and counter-protesters

Mrs Merkel, who is hoping to win a fourth consecutive term as German leader, has faced a number of shocking disruptions during recent campaign stops. 

In just the last two weeks, Mrs Merkel was met with hostile reactions and organised protests during rallies in Hessian Gelnhausen, Thuringia and Saxony.

The protesters’ fury have largely centred on the Chancellor’s notorious ‘open-door border policy’, after opening Germany up during the European migrant crisis.

Despite this, Mrs Merkel remains the overwhelming favourite to clinch next month’s federal elections to the Bundestag.

According to the latest polls, Mrs Merkel’s party and her Christian Social Union (CSU) allies in Bavaria are polling at around 38 per cent of the vote, twelve-points ahead of their nearest rivals.