Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos’ Daughter Lola, 22, Releases Fabulous Sabrina Carpenter Cover

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Image Credit: Getty Images

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos‘ daughter Lola Consuelos covered a snippet of Sabrina Carpenter‘s “Espresso” in an Instagram video on May 21. “I’m workout lateeee, cause I’m a singerrrr @sabrinacarpenter best song ever also please go stream my new single link in bio :),” captioned the singer.

The Instagram Video showcased the 22-year-old lounging around in a blue and white striped sweatshirt while letting out those vocals.”Beautiful! Your voice is amazing. It’s like it has an older tone to it and I love it. Keep it up. Can’t wait to get your album,” a user commented. “I swear you make it look so effortlessly it looks like your lip singing! Beautiful voice!!!” another follower mentioned.

Along the many fans that commented about her ‘beautiful voice’, her mother Kelly decided to show love as well by giving the post a like.

Since graduating New York University in May 2023, Lola started taking in song requests. “Hypebeast mode activated comment some songs you’d like me to cover please :),” she captioned a post. She then started covering hits by Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, and Coldplay. Lola shortly after dropped “Roles,” her first single of the year on April 24 on all streaming platforms. Prior to this drop, she released “Divine Timing”  in 2023 and “Paranoia Silverlining” back in 2022.

“Everyone always asks me, ‘Is your music about specific people?’ I’ve only released two songs, but truly both of them are not necessarily about anything, anyone specific, but definitely situations that maybe I’ve endured multiple times or that I know a friend has or a family member [who has] …When it’s specific, I feel like everyone will know,” shared the singer to ET in July.

When speaking about future projects the artist revealed, “I think next is going to be an EP for sure and then hopefully an album after that…Live performing is something I wanna do, 100 percent. I just wanna make sure I’m comfortable with the music I’m putting out, I’m happy with it, and I’m ready for that, which I feel like I am. But I don’t feel the need to rush anything, because I’m enjoying what I’m doing so much that I’m just trying to let it flow naturally.”