Encourage orchids to bloom even longer by feeding them two common kitchen scraps

Orchids are a wonderful addition to any home due to their stunning flowers that can last for months, as long as they as fed the right fertiliser. 

These pretty houseplants typically bloom once a year with their flowers lasting up to three months, but if cared for properly they can sometimes rebloom or last even longer. 

Michael Perry, a gardener also known as Mr Plant Geek, has shared that the best way to get the most out of your orchid blooms is with the right feed, as all you need is to save some kitchen scraps you would have otherwise thrown away. 

He said: “It’s true that when orchids are in their ‘down time’, you just need to give them a rest. 

“But there are a few store cupboard secrets that you can use to rejuvenate them if you feel that your orchid care hasn’t quite been up to par!” 

If you wish to rejuvenate a “sluggish” orchid and get incredible-looking flowers then one of the best things to feed it is your leftover brewed coffee.

Coffee contains nitrogen, which is an essential nutrient for plants and plays a critical role in keeping them healthy. 

How to make an orchid revival fertiliser

You will need: 

  • One part brewed black coffee
  • Four parts water
  • One tablespoon of cider vinegar

Michael said: “Mix up this little potion, and then feed this to your plant once per month, in place of one usual watering session. 

“Store in between feeds in a sealed container, and keep in the cupboard. This homemade fertiliser will give your orchid a kick of nitrogen, which will help encourage new growth.”

However, coffee is also acidic and while a little acidity is good for a plant it is extremely important to not overfeed an orchid too much used coffee as it could harm the plant. 

Michael said: “Always test these homemade feeds in light doses at first. Sometimes your orchid may only need a little rest in order to bounce back into growth!

“Homemade fertilisers provide the plants with nutrients they need to thrive, however, signs of over-fertilisation may include white crust on top of the bark in your pot, leaf tips dying off, or roots turning black.” 

Other important nutrients which help orchid blooms are phosphorus and potassium, which you can get from a leftover banana peel.

All you have to do is blend a banana skin until it becomes a purée and then pour the remains on top of the orchid soil. 

Michael said: “Bananas have plenty of potassium, which can be used to help your plant take in more CO2, improve drought resistance and activate growth-related enzymes. Feed this purée to your orchid once every few weeks.” 

These two simple scraps can help give your orchid a boost and are a natural way to get longer-lasting blooms from this finicky houseplant.  

source: express.co.uk