Top 5 Tabletop Games of 2019 (Saturday Review)

For the first time, the Tabletop Games Blog is giving away an award: the Top Table Award for the best game released in 2019. As you know, a lot of new tabletop games were released this year, probably around 3,000 to 4,000, excluding expansions. That’s more games anyone will ever be able to play in a year, and I have probably only seen 20-30 of those. However, I still thought it’d be good to share with you my top 5 games that were published in 2019 and crown the winner.

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• Silver:
• Bezier Games:
• Silver review:
• Tapestry:
• Stonemaier Games:
• Tapestry review:
• Roam:
• Red Raven Games:
• Roam review:
• Vivaldi:
• XV Games:
• Vivaldi review:
• Wingspan:
• Elizabeth Hargrave:
• Beth Sobel:
• Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo:
• Natalia Rojas:
• Spiel des Jahres:
• Wingspan Kennerspiel des Jahres 2019:
• Wingspan review:

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